• Jissette Nieves

Your ego isn't the issue

Waste no time fighting the ego.

Straw hats

Nowadays, people say that the ego is that part of the human experience that makes us separate from others, the part that individualizes itself, the mind talk that plagues us, the child part of ourselves that needs constant attention, and the part of the self that makes decisions based upon the past, and coming from a place of fear. Whatever spiritual path you’re on or whether you're religious, learning to live with the ego is part of accepting yourself totally and embracing the human experience. Stressing over the ego’s talk, being in a constant battle with it, and beating yourself up for mistakes it has made, are all a waste of energy.

As long as we are in bodies, having a human experience, we are going to have to deal with the ego.

"Stressing over the ego’s talk, being in a constant battle with it, and beating yourself up for mistakes it has made, are all a waste of energy."

Learning how to quiet it in order to de-stress is a wonderful practice to get into. Meditation is a good way, so is listening to your favorite music, getting out in nature. Getting into the habit of giving yourself time to make decisions so that you know that your decisions are not coming from a place of fear – which is the ego – is also a practice that it is good to take on.

Not accepting the ego as a part of who you are is essentially denying a part of who you are. But the ego doesn’t have to be in control.

Learning how to manage it takes practice and self-awareness is the key. You really can’t destroy the ego, but you can befriend it, embrace it, and acknowledge the role it plays in making you who you are. Through understanding and self-awareness, you come to a love and an acceptance for the purpose of your ego. You acknowledge its presence, yet you don’t overly feed into the negative impressions that keep you locked in, blocking you from your creativity, inherent magic, and natural curiosity for new life experiences.

Our ego is simply the other side of who we are.

"Through understanding and self-awareness, you come to a love and acceptance for the purpose of your ego."

It aims to protect us, and to keep us in a safe and familiar place. Yet as familiarity often breeds contempt, it is up to us to manage our thoughts and mental energy so that they are directed toward progress, courage, and being the best that we can be.

We can shield our ego with a blanket of love that we diligently sow, and work with it instead of against it.

Trusting and understanding the inner orchestra of both your heart and your mind (ego) allows you to be more heart-led than ego-led. Your heart knows the way, remember?  Putting this into practice takes time, patience, honesty, and mindful awareness, and above all, love. But this journey is well worth it. As we create an environment of peace, unity, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion within, those qualities naturally and easily flow to everyone around us.

With that being said, waste no time fighting the ego with high-minded spiritual principles or philosophies.

Waste no time fighting the ego with internal struggle, positive thinking, or motivational speeches. Don’t try to think and reason your way out of ego. Cut right to the chase and love – right away. The world’s greatest spiritual teachers have established the dominance of love over fear, hatred, judgment, war, violence, aggression, and dominance – all fruits of the ego – yours and mine. Transcend the ego with love. In my estimation, it’s the only way.